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Notes from Our Formulator

Introducing Our Chief Formulator

"The ability to prevent disease can only come from living one’s life in harmony with the forces of nature." —The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine

A body that is in balance and in harmony with the universe is the goal that we who work at Redd Remedies have in common with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. These healing traditions are based upon a holistic approach to health, and we thoroughly endorse that approach.

We know that diet, exercise, proper rest and reducing stress are every bit as important to overall health as any herbal medicine. We don’t believe that we have everyone’s answer in a bottle, but we do strive to create products that will help you achieve a balanced and healthy body, so you can enjoy your life. We spend countless hours researching and testing to make the best possible natural health solutions available to help you achieve that goal.

This blog will share information about the processes we use to develop our products, as well as information about natural medicine traditions that are thousands of years old, the healing herbs we commonly use, and the science behind creating herbal extracts. We will also discuss concerns about natural supplements and try to provide you with good, solid information that will help you understand what you need to know when you look at and make decisions about natural health products.

My name is Stacey Littlefield, and I am the director of research and chief formulator at Redd Remedies. I have a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine degree from The American College of Healthcare Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree from Valparaiso University. I am excited about my work and want to pass along all the knowledge and wisdom that I can.

Each Redd Remedies product results from trying to find a solution to a health condition or issue.

We start by learning all that we can about the health condition, the body systems involved, the physiology, what is not functioning properly, and what contributes to the breakdown.

We take this holistic approach because we realize that the body is sick as a whole or well as a whole. The whole body is involved and effected – by everything from the pain of a headache or an aching muscle to poor lung functioning or a problem with the digestive system.

We apply a global vision to our remedies. We turn to Western medicine for vitamins and minerals and to traditional medicine for herbs that will help the body re-gain and remain in a healthy balance.

Our global concerns also inspire us to consider every aspect of all the ingredients we use – how they will affect you, how they interact with each other (and with other medicines you may be taking), where they come from and how they are obtained. We care deeply about and carefully select our suppliers, and we take into account how the gathering or production of our ingredients affects the environment, sustainability, the people who gather or produce them, and the community that depends upon their creation.

We draw on all the world has to offer in natural medicines. We gather the finest natural ingredients, research and experiment with combinations and interactions, and determine the appropriate dosage. Then we further test each product before we bring it to market.

You’ll learn more in future blogs about our testing and development procedures, and about how we develop Redd Remedies products to provide short-term solutions and whole body balance.

By Stacey Littlefield, Chief Formulator

Redd Remedies

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