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The 3 Joint, Bone, and Muscle Supplements Every Skeleton Needs…

In the Spirit of Halloween, Freddy the Redd Remedies skeleton is here to give you some joint and bone health pointers!

Before you roll your eyes, just think about it: Who better to talk to you about joint and bone health than a skeleton?

Read on as he explains:

  • The 3 ways he keeps his bones and joints healthy.
  • Why Jack Skellington was such an important part of his joint relief journey!

Introducing… Freddy!

My name is Freddy, the Redd Remedies skeleton!

People often ask me how I’m able to keep my bones and joints in such good condition.

The truth is, I haven’t always been like this.

For much of my life, my joints would ache and my bones were exceptionally fragile. I was also too depressed about my situation to do anything about it.

That all changed when I met the world's most famous skeleton… Jack Skellington!

I wanted to be just like him! I mean, what self-respecting bag of bones wouldn't?! So limber… so flexible… so free!

I knew that in order to be like Jack, I was going to need a lot of help… These three supplements were the skeleton-key to my success!

Bone Health Advanced™

For a guy who clearly gets very little Vitamin D, Jack’s sure got strong bones! He managed to take down Oogie Boogie, save Christmas, and get the love interest!

To keep my bones strong and maintain a healthy bone density, I use Bone Health Advanced™.

Thanks to the vitamin D, magnesium, boron, and other natural ingredients, I’m able to deliver eggshell calcium straight to the bones that need them the most!

Joint Health Advanced™

As a skeleton who was constantly fighting joint pain, I never thought flexibility and mobility were in my future.

That is, until I saw Jack sliding down those chimneys! As I watched, utterly amazed, I decided that I would not rest until I’d found the solution to my joint discomfort.

That solution came in the form of Joint Health Advanced™!

The key ingredient in Joint Health Advanced™, NEM®, had my joints experiencing improved comfort and flexibility within 4-10 days!

Thanks to this revelatory 6-in-1 formula, I’ll soon be sliding down smokestacks myself!

Muscle Ease™

I know what you’re thinking: “skeletons don’t have muscles!”

Well, I bet you didn’t think we could write entertaining-yet-informative blogs either. And yet, here we are.

If there’s one thing left to admire about Jack, it’s gotta be his showmanship. He’s got musical theatre panache that would make Julie Andrews green with envy!

It takes a lot of work to keep your body capable of that level of performance. Could you imagine if he pulled a hammy during “What’s This?” It doesn’t bear thinking about.

To keep myself on par with Jack, I take Muscle Ease™. It provides me with the two key electrolytes I need to combat muscle cramps and spasms, and also allows my muscles to truly engage in restorative recovery!

Living up to Jack’s legacy...

They say: “Don’t meet your heroes.” It’s due to the fear that they’ll never be able to live up to the expectation you’ve created in your head.

I understand.

But I can safely say, if your hero is Jack Skellington, then you should definitely meet him. Because he won’t let you down.

He helped me realize that I don’t have to live with excruciating joint pain or unhealthy bones. And that’s changed my life.

I don’t need to be the Pumpkin King. I’m the Redd Remedies skeleton! And I’ll do everything I can to help you live a life free from joint pain.

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